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Konwin Ceramic Utility Heater

Konwin Ceramic Utility Heater

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Konwin Ceramic Utility Heater with pivoting stand
Compact but powerful, this versatile portable electric utility heater will get the job done. A ceramic heating element delivers efficient heating, while the sturdy handle lets you easily move it wherever heat is needed. Use it in your shop, shed, garage or basement for reliable heating comfort. 3 settings include: Fan/Low/High. Perfect for indoor use, this compact heater features two heat settings, high and low so you can customize the temperature to your preference. The rugged housing design and durable construction ensure that you can use your heater for years to come. Also features a fan only option setting without heat.
•2 heat settings: high/low
•Adjustable thermostat Temperature control
•Steel housing durable construction
•Fan only option setting without heat
•Automatic shut off

Konwin Table Top Portable Ceramic Heater, with overheat protection

Comfortably heat up rooms in your home with this Konwin table top portable ceramic heater. This efficient electric heater is compact in size and fits discreetly into any space. It features 1500 watts of power with a ceramic heating element and adjustable thermostat. It features 3 settings of fan/high/low . An automatic shutoff prevents over-heating. The fan heater features a flame-resistant plastic housing for safety and Safety tip-over switch too. An easy carry handle makes it convenient to move from place to place throughout your home. This compact and energy-efficient product is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.
•ceramic heating element • 1500 watts power supply • fan/high/low settings •adjustable thermostat •easy carry handle •safety tip-over switch and overheat protection
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